Green Waste Removal Melbourne

What Is Green Waste Removal?

Green waste is any waste from your backyard that is biodegradable. That includes grass, leaves, branches, and other leftovers from plants, shrubs, and trees.

The best part about green waste is that it doesn’t have to go to waste!

It’s a useful source of biogas, which can be converted into an environmentally friendly fuel that is much more sustainable than coal and oil.

When you book Backyard Cleanup for green waste removal, Melbourne can be sure that we’ll take great care to recycle as much as possible.

The Best Green Waste Removal Service in Melbourne

Most people love their gardens and take great care to ensure that they look prim and proper. The only issue is that many people are overworked and pressed for time.

That means the garden doesn’t always get the attention it needs.

And that, in turn, means you get the most out of your garden. No barbecues, no ball games, no sun tanning… where’s the fun in that?

Give us a call on 0408 345 662 and let us help you with the green waste removal. We’ll make sure that you have plenty of space for all the fun activities your garden can be used for.

Check out the Benefits of Our Green Waste Removal

When you work with us, you can rest assured that your green waste is in the hands of professionals. But there’s much more to our services than that!

Here’s what you can expect from Backyard Cleanup:

  • Fully customisable green waste removal.
  • Slots available on weekends for your convenience. 
  • Coverage of Melbourne and the surrounding areas.
  • Full service, including loading, transportation and disposal
  • Free quotes with no obligation on your part.
  • Fast, friendly, and affordable company
  • Easy to reach — we’re only a phone call away!

Give us a call today on 0408 345 662 and we’ll come by with our own bins and bags to take care of your green waste. 

Let us restore your garden to its former glory!

What Kind of Green Waste Do We Remove?

We take care of anything that clutters your garden. But when it comes to green waste removal, there’s more to it than just grass and flower cuttings.

Here are some of the many items we include in our service:

  • Branches
  • Branches
  • Clippings
  • Firewood
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Lumber
  • Soil
  • Stumps
  • Timber
  • Weeds
  • and any other green waste products

How Much Do Green Waste Removal Services Cost?

That depends how much you need removed. If it’s only a matter of a pile of leaves, then your best best is the organic waste bin.

But if you have an extensive project on your hands, then you’re better off calling a professional green waste removal service company like us.

So how much do we charge?

Well, we want to give you the best deal possible. But we also want to make it easy for you to get a quote. That’s why we offer four different ways for you to do it.

1. On-site

The best place for us to give you an accurate quote is on-site. We’ll see exactly what’s involved, determine how long it will take us to finish the job, and get started immediately if you want us to.

2. Online

Fill out the contact form on our website (or use our email address) and include a message telling us about the job. Please be as specific as possible when you describe the green waste.

3. Text

You can take pictures of all the green waste you would like us to remove, and then text them to 0408 345 662. That way, we’re able to give you a reasonably accurate quote for the job.

4. Call

Finally, you can just call us up to have a little chin wag about what you need to have done. If it’s a relatively small job, we’ll usually be able to give you a good quote on the spot.

Can You Throw Green Waste in the Rubbish?

If you only need to get rid of small items, then yes. The city of Melbourne also offers green waste removals, but there are limits to how many bags they’ll take. 

With us, there are no limits. 

We can handle projects of any size, from the occasional extra green waste to the leftovers of a full-scale redevelopment of your backyard. 

How Do You Prepare Your Green Waste for Pickup?

If you have biodegradable bags, then it’s a good idea to use those for the green waste. That way, it’s faster and easier to recycle. Make sure the bags aren’t too full to seal.

If you’re too busy or otherwise unable to gather all the green waste in bags, then just let us know and we can easily take care of it as part of our service. 

We Recycle and Care About the Environment

A lot of brown waste contains carbon, which doesn’t make it very easy to recycle. Green waste, on the other hand, contains large amounts of nitrogen, which can be used to create biofuel.

But it’s not just grass and leaves that can be recycled. Garden furniture made of wood, cast iron, aluminium, and other metals can also become part of a greener loop.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

The green waste that we collect from you will be put to good use. We dispose of it at EPA-approved recycling centres in the greater Melbourne area.

There, it’s recycled into mulch, compost, and biogas. All of which is used to help the local gardening and agricultural industries, as well as for environmental science. 

When you work with Backyard Cleanup, you’re contributing to a green and sustainable society and an improved local environment.

That’s one more reason to sleep better at night!

What About Hazardous Waste and Construction Debris Removal?

Many everyday products, like batteries, electronics, paints, and cosmetics contain hazardous chemicals that can cause serious pollution. 

Sometimes you’ll find them in your backyard.

They could’ve been left there by the previous owners of your home and simply buried underneath layers of soil, pebbles, or plants. 

Now that you’ve decided to clean up the backyard, all of them magically resurface once more. That could also include debris, like treated wood, left over from previous construction projects.

The problem?

It’s often not legal to dispose of this kind of rubbish in the ways you normally would. Most junk haulers won’t be allowed to take it off of you either.

Your best bet is to find the nearest disposal centre in Melbourne and get rid of it that way.

That Pile of Leaves Is Growing… Call Us Today!

We make green waste removal easy, so there’s no reason to delay. Give us a call today on 0408 345 662 and let us give you a quote and a time slot.

We’re flexible on price and can accommodate any budget, so don’t let anything hold you back.

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