Getting Rid Of Rubbish in Melbourne

Hard Rubbish Collections Get full usage of the council’s hard rubbish collections in your area; that’s what the council rates are there for. Note the dates of the upcoming collections and prepare and store up your rubbish. Be aware of the collection rules ensuring your waste is within the type and size regulations. Load up that nature strip, ask the neighbours if they want your rubbish too.

Give Stuff Away If there is something you have been hoarding and not using and is really only taking up space. If you can bring yourself to let it go….they try to find someone who would actually use the item, either give it to them (pay it forward) or trade is for something else….we all need to reduce the amount of wastage….waste nothing.

Break It Down Rubbish is bulky, and often looks bigger than it really is. Cardboard boxes: flatten and soak them in wheel barrow of water overnight, then easily tear into small pieces and place it into the recycle bin. Mattresses: Use a Stanley knife and wire cutters, cut around the fabric and separate the spring base from the mattress foam…isolate the steal….recycle at scrap metal dealer. Throw out the fabric. Household furniture: Knife, handsaw, sledge hammer, screw driver, hammer, pinch bar, crowe bar. remove all the screws / fixings. knock the timbers apart, lever of stubborn joints, cut sections where necessary. A bulky couch is 80% empty space.

Load Efficiently Don’ t just throw the rubbish on willy nilly, stack it properly, utilise all the empty spaces and gaps…plan your load…the more you get on the more you save at the tip gate.

Separate Your Loads Greens turned into mulch, green waste to recycling station. Save your tree branches, chop into logs for firewood. keep or donate. Steel to the scrap metal recycling dealer. Cardboard and paper to Visy recycling centres. Clothing to the Salvos. Anything of value to the OP shop.

Garage Sales? Someone might buy it …anything that doesn’t sell, donate or then throw away.

Many Hands Make light Work Everything is negotiable….why not offer to help load the rubbish yourself….get your family and friends involved…. For example, we did a Monash uni students house in Melbourne. We had a full truck load packed with rubbish finished within about half an hour. They had five student friends passing the rubbish up to me on the truck, I couldn’t stack it fast enough to keep up with these guys. They received the cheapest price…. they did all the heavy lifting.